Circlip Failure causes recall for Kawasaki

  Kawasaki has recalled a number of 2012 models over what could only be considered a minor defect. The problem is with the circlips that secure the passenger footrest pivot pins. On some bikes this circlip may be brittle due to a manufacturing defect, and this may cause the circlip to fail and allow the […]

Lubricate O Rings

O Rings

Lubricate O-Rings Photo by Kevin Falvey Lubricate O Rings. The O-rings that seal deck hatches and deckplates like this “pie eye” shown need to be checked and replaced as they age and wear if they are to keep water out of our stowed gear, fuel and potable water supplies and bilge. But for the short […]

Hose Clips and o Clips

Hose Clips and O Clips

Hose Clips and O Clips  Hose Clips and O Clips are available in a range of heavily zinc plated and stainless steel. Our zinc plated hose clips are manufactured to BS5315 and have N.A.T.O approval. All of our hose clips have rounded edges to give the best possible protection to the hose. Stainless steel hose clips are […]