OEM Seal Kits

Rubber Moldings

Fairway Seals offers its skill at identifying and replicating most OEM Seal Kits at a fraction of the cost of the original without loss of quality or seal life thus reducing your repair cost significantly. Our computerised seal kit stock list ensures that you can easily obtain the same kit in the future without the […]

Pneumatic’s Vs Hydraulics

Pneumatic’s Vs Hydraulics The pros and cons of each system. Pneumatic’s offer a very clean system, suitable for food manufacturing processes and other processes which require very low risk of contamination. Hydraulics are generally not used in these environments due to the risk of hydraulic oil leaks from faulty valves, seals or burst hoses. Pneumatic’s […]

Identify my seals

I Identify my seals. Not sure what type of seal you require? Try our free identification service, Call our technical department on 01858 410567. We can have your equipment up and running and back in service in double quick time.

Synthetic Oil Debate

Synthetic Oil Debate  If you get a bunch of farmers around a coffee shop table and someone brings up engine oil, there will be no lack of opinions on the subject. Interject whether synthetic oil is better or what it even is, and you better hope you have a good deal of time. Though you […]

Lubricate O Rings

O Rings

Lubricate O-Rings Photo by Kevin Falvey Lubricate O Rings. The O-rings that seal deck hatches and deckplates like this “pie eye” shown need to be checked and replaced as they age and wear if they are to keep water out of our stowed gear, fuel and potable water supplies and bilge. But for the short […]

Wiper Seal

A wiper seal is an axial seal that creates a seal while allowing a reciprocating shaft to pass through the seal’s inner bore. Wiper seals are often used for fluid containment and to prevent dirt from entering a reciprocating shaft mechanism. Wiper seals are typically used on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders as well as telescopic suspension forks for motorcycles […]

Seal Identification

Seal Identification, not sure what seals you need or what size you require to fix that leaking ram. Help is at hand in the seal identification service offered by Fairway Seals in Market Harborough. Our in house technical team of experts with over thirty years experience are on hand to make your life much easier. […]

Pneumatics or Hydraulics

Pneumatics or Hydraulics Both pneumatics and hydraulics are applications of fluid power. Pneumatics uses an easily compressible gas such as air or a suitable pure gas—while hydraulics uses relatively incompressible liquid media such as oil. Most industrial pneumatic applications use pressures of about 80 to 100 psi. Hydraulics applications commonly use from 1,000 to 5,000 psi but […]

Seal Suppliers UK

Fairway Seals has been an integral part of the sealing industry since 1977. Fairway Seals has built a reputation for dealing with customer requirements in a friendly and  professional manner. Shipment from our vast stock of sealing products can ensure you get what you require very often the next working day customers can be confident that […]