Seal Identification

Seal Identification, not sure what seals you need or what size you require to fix that leaking ram. Help is at hand in the seal identification service offered by Fairway Seals in Market Harborough. Our in house technical team of experts with over thirty years experience are on hand to make your life much easier. […]

Seal Suppliers UK

Fairway Seals has been an integral part of the sealing industry since 1977. Fairway Seals has built a reputation for dealing with customer requirements in a friendly and  professional manner. Shipment from our vast stock of sealing products can ensure you get what you require very often the next working day customers can be confident that […]

Global Mechanical Seals Market – Fairway Seals Industry

Mechanical Seal

The global mechanical seals market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 9% during the forecast period. The discovery of shale gas production also plays a significant role in boosting the demand for mechanical seals, as it has triggered oil production and exploration activities, especially in the US. Similarly, even modern hydrocarbon processing […]

For Water and Wastewater Pumps

Because mechanical shaft seal failures are the number one cause of pump downtime, it was decided to dedicate this  to mechanical seal basics. Years ago, most pump shafts were sealed using rings of soft packing, compressed by a packing gland, but this type of shaft seal required a fair amount of leakage just to lubricate […]

Mechanical Seals

Main elements of a mechanical seals All mechanical seals are constructed with the following basic sets of parts: A set of (very flat) machined and lapped primary sealing faces: The very close (near) contact between these two flat mating surfaces, which are perpendicular to the shaft, minimizes leakage. Dissimilar materials are usually used for the […]

Rotary seals for abrasive, corrosive applications

Rotary seals for abrasive, corrosive applications   Rotary seals will never displace mechanical seals and conventional compression packing in all process applications. However, Gerry Morgansenior engineer Garlock Sealing Technologies argues they offer a better option in abrasive and corrosive environments. The process industries rely on numerous pumps to perform reliably to maintain plant productivity. To […]


Mechanical Seals enhanced plans result in release free, solid, longer-enduring pumps Since pumps move media through reactors, valves and channeling, they serve as “the heart” of any procedure in which they are put. Along these lines, whether the pump is a huge sump pump, a little metering pump or anything in the middle of, processors […]