O Ring Selection Box

O Ring Selection Box O RING BOX 5A (RED) is a selection of Imperial O rings sized between BS006 and BS327 with a total of 382 pieces in each box, this box is also available in Viton and 90 shore nitrile. O RING BOX 5C (YELLOW) is a selection of Metric O rings sized between […]

Ram Seal Identification

Ram seal kits Ram Seal Identification We offer a free identification service for ram seals and all other seals Send the old worn out seals in to us so we can identify the seals and get you back up and running with the minimum down time possible.

OEM Seal Kits

Rubber Moldings

Fairway Seals offers its skill at identifying and replicating most OEM Seal Kits at a fraction of the cost of the original without loss of quality or seal life thus reducing your repair cost significantly. Our computerised seal kit stock list ensures that you can easily obtain the same kit in the future without the […]

O Ring Splicing Kit O Ring

O Ring Splicing Kit

O Ring Splicing Kit O Ring Splicing Kit  This kit contains a selection of different diameters of cord, cutting block, knife and glue. The cord is cut to the length required and glue is applied to the cut face to form an O ring. For longer lengths of o ring cord to make bigger or […]

WRAS Approval

O Rings

What is a WRAS Approval? Any water fitting, which when installed, will carry or receive water from the public mains water supply in the UK, must comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Bylaws.  These require that a water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water […]

O Ring Identification The ORID®

At Fairway Seals we have been using the ORID® for over 20 years. It is a piece of equipment that everyone who has to identify O Rings should have. Order yours today from our sales team on 01858 410567   The results obtained through the use of this device have been consistent and repeatable in our […]

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Viton O Rings

LSR (liquid silicone rubber) O-rings are growing in use in a variety of high-volume production applications, especially in life sciences. O-rings are the most commonly used seal, featured in applications from aircraft engines to chemical processing lines, the hydraulics in tractors to subsea down-hole tools. They account for a significant amount of the global market […]

Lubricantion Audits

Grease Nipples

Lube audits help increase productivity and reduce energy consumption. PHOTO:THINKSTOCK Lubrication systems in any manufacturing or processing plant must deliver the right amount of cool and clean oil or grease at the right time to lube points. The benefits are improved utilization and effectiveness, increased reliability and, most important, lower maintenance costs. But achieving lubrication’s […]

Seals and O-Rings

Seals and O-rings are designed to protect pumps, but when they fail they can have a devastating effect on machinery. Almost 70% of rotating equipment breakdowns are due to improper, badly installed or otherwise failing sealing devices. To address this issue, Patrick Rhodes, applications engineer at Klozure of Garlock Sealing Technologies in Palmyra, NY, presented […]

Silicone O Rings

O Rings

Silicone O Rings have a working temperature range -55 to +200 degrees C. Silicone O Rings have a good resistance to water, aliphatic engine and transmission oil and animal and plant oils and fats. Most commonly available in either red or white but can be made in black if required. Our range includes British Standard […]

Viton® FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

O Rings

Viton® FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions What is Viton Viton® is a trade name for a fluoropolymer elastomer produced by Dupont Performance  Elastomers. It is important to note that Viton® has become a generic reference within the Seals Industry,  in much the same way  as a vacuum cleaner is often called a hoover Is there […]

PTFE O Rings

PTFE O Rings PTFE O Rings have a working temperature range -200 to +300 degrees C. PTFE is the most chemically inert of all the O ring materials, it is resistant to most chemicals, acids, oils and steam. It is very tough and abrasion resistant however it is not easily compressible and will not seal […]

O Ring

Viton O Rings

O Ring seals are unlike many other materials that design engineers confront. Metal or plastic parts, for example, are probably failing if visibly distorted. But an O-ring must be deformed to function properly. In fact, an O-ring that is not compressed in its application is the wrong O-ring. The following list provides some “rules of […]

Lubricate O Rings

O Rings

Lubricate O-Rings Photo by Kevin Falvey Lubricate O Rings. The O-rings that seal deck hatches and deckplates like this “pie eye” shown need to be checked and replaced as they age and wear if they are to keep water out of our stowed gear, fuel and potable water supplies and bilge. But for the short […]

O Ring Failure Analysis

O Rings

O Ring Failure Analysis When o-rings fail, there are clear traces that allow conclusions about the damage-causing mechanisms. Even the fact that there are no traces can be seen as a valuable hint to the future proceeding.The damaged seal itself is examined thoroughly to find the damage-causing mechanisms. Therefore, first of all its dimensions are […]

Seal Identification

Seal Identification, not sure what seals you need or what size you require to fix that leaking ram. Help is at hand in the seal identification service offered by Fairway Seals in Market Harborough. Our in house technical team of experts with over thirty years experience are on hand to make your life much easier. […]

Polymer Shelf Life

O Rings

Polymer Shelf Life *HNBR, Epichlorohydrin(ECO), Polyacrylate (ACM), Ethylene Acrylic (AEM) can be grouped similar to NBR due to similarities in polymer types. ARP5316: Recommended Storage Conditions         Temperature – below 100’F (38’C)         Humidity – less than 75% (AU/EU less than 65%) if not stored in sealed moisture proof bags         Light – protected from light sources especially […]

Cold Bond O Rings

Cold Bond O Rings, if you cannot get the o ring you require then we can make it for you by cold bonding a cut to length piece of o ring cord. We also offer a premium service for same day dispatch or collection (subject to conditions) Our sales team are here to help with […]

Seal Suppliers UK

Fairway Seals has been an integral part of the sealing industry since 1977. Fairway Seals has built a reputation for dealing with customer requirements in a friendly and  professional manner. Shipment from our vast stock of sealing products can ensure you get what you require very often the next working day customers can be confident that […]

Viton® O Rings

Viton®O Rings have a working temperature range -15 to +200 degrees C. Viton®O Rings have  good chemical resistance to mineral and synthetic oils and greases, engine and transmission oils, fuel and non-flammable hydraulic pressure fluids Viton®also has a very low gas permeability which makes it suitable for vacuum applications. Our range includes British Standard (BS1806), British […]