OEM Seal Kits

Rubber Moldings

Fairway Seals offers its skill at identifying and replicating most OEM Seal Kits at a fraction of the cost of the original without loss of quality or seal life thus reducing your repair cost significantly. Our computerised seal kit stock list ensures that you can easily obtain the same kit in the future without the […]

Oil Seal Rotary Shaft Seal

Oil Seal Rotary Shaft Seal R21 Oil Seal Rotary Shaft Seal R21 is a single lipped rubber coated seal with a metal inner. Available in Nitrile, Viton and Silicon. Oil Seal Rotary Shaft Seals R21 also known as lip seals, are used to seal rotary elements, such as a shaft or rotating bore. Common examples include hydraulic pump  seals, axle […]

trade counter

Fairway Seals Ltd ‏@fairwaysealsltd Trade Counter. Take advantage of our trade counter service we can take card/cash payments at the door or send your seals to us so we can identify them for you #stressfree #sealidentification

Mission Statement

Mission Statement. Our mission is to be the customers first choice for Seals, delivering a top level of service wherever and whenever required through a working culture that allows our team to develop and make decisions. In doing so they will share in the growth and prosperity of our business.

Lubricantion Audits

Grease Nipples

Lube audits help increase productivity and reduce energy consumption. PHOTO:THINKSTOCK Lubrication systems in any manufacturing or processing plant must deliver the right amount of cool and clean oil or grease at the right time to lube points. The benefits are improved utilization and effectiveness, increased reliability and, most important, lower maintenance costs. But achieving lubrication’s […]

Seals and O-Rings

Seals and O-rings are designed to protect pumps, but when they fail they can have a devastating effect on machinery. Almost 70% of rotating equipment breakdowns are due to improper, badly installed or otherwise failing sealing devices. To address this issue, Patrick Rhodes, applications engineer at Klozure of Garlock Sealing Technologies in Palmyra, NY, presented […]

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonials  here’s what a few of our customers think of us. Dear Fairway Seals Just a quick word to say how pleased I was to receive the oil and the water seals today by APC delivery. My pressure cleaner machine is now back together and working better than it ever did.  Going back to […]

Air Mizer

Product handling applications like mixers, blenders, agitators and rotary feed valves often suffer from product leakage and contamination due to ineffective sealing. Product loss occurs in these applications when the powder, liquid or bulk solid product migrates down the shaft, through the sealing device and into the atmosphere. Product contamination occurs when outside particulates enter […]

Synthetic Oil Debate

Synthetic Oil Debate  If you get a bunch of farmers around a coffee shop table and someone brings up engine oil, there will be no lack of opinions on the subject. Interject whether synthetic oil is better or what it even is, and you better hope you have a good deal of time. Though you […]

Rotary Shaft Seal R4

Rotary Shaft Seal R4  Rotary Shaft Seal R4 is a  single lipped metal cased seal. Available with either a  Nitrile or Viton rubber lip. Oil Seal Rotary Shaft Seals R4 also known as lip seals, are used to seal rotary elements, such as a shaft or rotating bore. Common examples include hydraulic pump  seals, axle seals and power steering and gear box […]

Rotary Shaft Seal R6

Rotary Shaft Seal R6 Rotary Shaft Seal R6 is a double lipped metal cased seal. Available with a  Nitrile, Viton or Leather lip. Oil Seal Rotary Shaft Seals R6 also known as lip seals, are used to seal rotary elements, such as a shaft or rotating bore. Common examples include hydraulic pump  seals, axle seals and power steering and gear […]

Rotary Shaft Seal R1

Home Oil Seals Rotary Shaft Seal R1 Rotary Shaft Seal R1 Rotary Shaft Seal R1 is a totally metal encased seal Available with a Nitrile, Viton, PTFE and Leather lip. The metal shell can be mild steel or stainless steel. Oil Seal Rotary Shaft Seals R1 also known as lip seals, are used to seal rotary elements, such as […]

Wiper Seal

A wiper seal is an axial seal that creates a seal while allowing a reciprocating shaft to pass through the seal’s inner bore. Wiper seals are often used for fluid containment and to prevent dirt from entering a reciprocating shaft mechanism. Wiper seals are typically used on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders as well as telescopic suspension forks for motorcycles […]

Seal Identification

Seal Identification, not sure what seals you need or what size you require to fix that leaking ram. Help is at hand in the seal identification service offered by Fairway Seals in Market Harborough. Our in house technical team of experts with over thirty years experience are on hand to make your life much easier. […]

Polymer Shelf Life

O Rings

Polymer Shelf Life *HNBR, Epichlorohydrin(ECO), Polyacrylate (ACM), Ethylene Acrylic (AEM) can be grouped similar to NBR due to similarities in polymer types. ARP5316: Recommended Storage Conditions         Temperature – below 100’F (38’C)         Humidity – less than 75% (AU/EU less than 65%) if not stored in sealed moisture proof bags         Light – protected from light sources especially […]

Seal Selection

Seal Selection Dynamic seals are influenced by several factors in their service life. The effect of these factors should be considered when selecting a seal.  Maximum operating speed – The speed or velocity of the media in the system can affect the performance and service life of the seal. The seal sits on a film of […]

Rotary Shaft Seal Inspection

ROTARY SHAFT SEAL Among the things to look for when inspecting shaft seals is to check for deteriorated or cracked elastomer. This is a telltale sign that heat is an issue and that maybe you are using the wrong elastomer  Also by verify that the shaft seal is still in place. A  few pumps that […]

Seal Suppliers UK

Fairway Seals has been an integral part of the sealing industry since 1977. Fairway Seals has built a reputation for dealing with customer requirements in a friendly and  professional manner. Shipment from our vast stock of sealing products can ensure you get what you require very often the next working day customers can be confident that […]

Oil Seals

Oil Seals (rotary shaft seals) are available in metric and imperial sizes. The primary function of an oil seal is to protect and enhance the lifespan of bearing systems by retaining lubricants thereby reducing friction. It is possible to offer various sizes ranging from 6mm to 1000mm on the ID. The standard oil seal will […]

For Water and Wastewater Pumps

Because mechanical shaft seal failures are the number one cause of pump downtime, it was decided to dedicate this  to mechanical seal basics. Years ago, most pump shafts were sealed using rings of soft packing, compressed by a packing gland, but this type of shaft seal required a fair amount of leakage just to lubricate […]