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Circlip Selection Box

Circlip Selection Box our in house assembled standard kit consists of either metric or imperial circlips with a choice of internal or external, we also make these selection boxes in stainless steel. Or if required a bespoke selection to your specified sizes and quantities. For a free quote for your requirements please contact one of our sales team.

Circlips  also known as a C-Clips, Seeger rings or Snap rings are a type of fastener or retaining ring consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends which can be snapped into place, into a machined groove on a dowel pin or other part to allow rotation but to stop lateral movement. There are two basic types: internal and external, referring to whether they are fitted into a bore or over a shaft. Circlips are often used to secure pinned connections.

Since circlips are stamped out of sheet metal there is a smooth side and a rough side. To prevent potential damage, circlips are installed with the smooth side facing the part and the rough side facing out. Wet or dry lubrication is required for the circlip to maintain its function.

Circlips are designed to be removed with special circlip pliers (snap ring tool) which can be reassembled for internal or external clips.