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O Ring Selection Box

O Ring Selection Box

BOX 5A (RED) is a selection of Imperial O rings sized between BS006 and BS327 with a total of 382 pieces in each box.

BOX 5C (YELLOW) is a selection of Metric O rings sized between 3mm id X 2mm c/s and 44mm id x 4mm c/s with a total of 386 pieces in each box.

Both box 5A and box 5C are available in Viton 70 and Viton 90 and 70 and 90 shore nitrile

PLUMBERS BOX is a selection of o rings commonly used in the plumbing trade

BOX D a selection of ORFS 70 shore O rings also available in 90 shore.

SPECIAL O RING BOX we can also make a box containing any composition of O rings you require.

Please talk to our sales team about your requirements.