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Vulcanised O Ring

Vulcanised O Ring these are manufactured to very high standards and provide a cost effective solution to sealing by avoiding tooling costs and long lead times associated with moulded rings. Due to the quality of our ring we are able to realise a joint strength of up to 95% of a moulded ring.

O-rings seal by mechanical deformation that creates a barrier to a fluid’s potential leak path between two closely mated surfaces. O-rings are typically installed in a groove that’s machined or molded in one of the surfaces to be sealed. Their rubber-like properties let the devices compensate for dimensional variations in the mating parts.
When properly sized, the clearance between the surfaces is less the OD of the O-ring. Thus, as the two surfaces contact, forming a gland, they compress the O-ring, which deforms the round cross section. This diametrically squeezes the seal, and the resulting force ensures surface contact with the inner and outer walls of the gland.