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Polymer Shelf Life

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Polymer Shelf Life

Shelf Life of Elastomers

*HNBR, Epichlorohydrin(ECO), Polyacrylate (ACM), Ethylene Acrylic (AEM) can be grouped similar to NBR due to similarities in polymer types.

ARP5316: Recommended Storage Conditions

  •         Temperature – below 100’F (38’C)
  •         Humidity – less than 75% (AU/EU less than 65%) if not stored in sealed moisture proof bags
  •         Light – protected from light sources especially direct sunlight or intense artificial light.
  •         Ozone – storage rooms shall not contain any equipment that is capable of generating ozone.

Elastomer Shelf-Life: In Summary

Rubber seals  have the capability to last long periods of time in storage. Unless compliance regulated, shelf life of all rubber parts should be considered unlimited.

ARP5316 can be a useful guideline for companies who don’t have a recommended shelf-life control on elastomeric seals. This guideline also recommends individual packaging, but business, bulk packaging shows no difference over time. We utilize a calendar quarter for the cure date — meaning the last date of the quarter is considered the manufacturing date. ARP5316 in no way establishes a shelf life for storage of assembled components or operating lifespan.

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