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Our services

Specialists in sealing products

At Fairway Seals we have been serving the needs of the sealing industry for over 40 years with fast lead times.


Our vastly experienced technical team are on hand to help with problems you may have identifying various seals, either call us on 01858 410567 or send your seals for identification and we will quote for replacements


Why not ask about our stock management call off system we can hold stock for you and deliver it when you ask for it. You benefit by reducing stock holding costs, Improved cash flow, Reduced losses from lost/missing stock, Stock always there when you need it.


At Fairway Seals we are able to pack any items according to your requirements this can be in either a plastic box, heat sealed bag ,grip seal bag or a cardboard box. If you only want one in a bag that’s OK as are any other quantities we can label as required or you can send your own for us to put on. We can be as flexible as you need us to be please ask and we will do the necessary


We can also send direct to your customers on your behalf with no traceability of origin. All goods are sent with plain packaging and a delivery note with just your name, part no and quantity on it or you can send your delivery note via fax or email and we will happily use that instead.


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