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Air Mizer

Product handling applications like mixers, blenders, agitators and rotary feed valves often suffer from product leakage and contamination due to ineffective sealing. Product loss occurs in these applications when the powder, liquid or bulk solid product migrates down the shaft, through the sealing device and into the atmosphere. Product contamination occurs when outside particulates enter the vessel through the seal and contaminate the product. Product loss and contamination lead to higher production costs, increased maintenance, environmental concerns and unsafe working conditions.

Traditional sealing methods use contact in an effort to seal the vessel from product leakage and contamination. Over time, the sealing interface wears, and the seal becomes ineffective and needs replacement. The short and unpredictable service life of contact seals makes them inadequate methods of reliably sealing these applications.

The Inpro/Seal Air Mizer offers a permanent sealing solution on product handling applications. The Air Mizer directs small amounts of air through a precision clearance between the throttle and the shaft, pressurizing the clearance to seal against both product leakage and contamination. The non-contacting, non-wearing Air Mizer is maintenance free and designed to last the lifetime of the equipment. Its unique custom engineered design fully articulates to accommodate radial and angular shaft movement and shaft run-out.

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